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Buying a car in these days of massive dealer groups, internet sales sites and car supermarkets couldn't be easier but impersonal sales support and poor follow-up service can soon sour the pleasure of new car ownership.

Not, though, if you drive away in a Lotus, Morgan or Subaru from Bell & Colvill in West Horsley, Surrey. Our knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff will make every effort to build a good customer relationship with you and provide all the after sales back-up you require, with teams of sales and service staff dedicated to each brand to ensure specialised knowledge and continuity of customer care.

Bell & Colvill's approach has put it right at the top of the customer satisfaction index and has led to exceptionally strong relationships with the manufacturers the company represents: Lotus, Morgan and Subaru.

Bobby Bell and Martin Colvill sold cars together from their West Horsley premises for over 40 years before the business was sold in 2012 to Railsite Holdings, who share the enthusiasm for interesting cars which has been fundamental to Bell & Colvill's continuing success at it prepares to celebrate 50yrs in 2020.

"We only work with franchises for individualistic cars that we believe in," says Andy Elliman, Group Chairman.

The motor trade has never been more competitive or so impersonal, which makes the more personal service of Bell & Colvill so refreshing. People have almost begun to expect indifferent service today, so when they find somewhere that offers integrity, quality, knowledge and enthusiasm from staff that will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction it's a winning formula.

About (our heritage)

Our Heritage

Bell & Colvill has been selling and servicing cars from its showrooms for nearly 50 years. Although nowadays the Company is synonymous with Lotus, Subaru and Morgan, it has been involved in supporting a number of manufacturers with its sales and aftersales activities.

Oddball engineering highlights includes producing Alfa Romeo turbos, right hand drive conversions of the Alfa Romeo Spider and the modification of every description of Lotus models. Bell & Colvill produced the Lotus Esprit Turbo two years before the Lotus factory and was the first company to see the tuning and track day potential of the Elise, producing numerous special editions and track day upgrade packages. It’s worth noting that when it comes to modern Lotus cars, if you want to talk to a company that’s raced and tracked just about every derivative of Lotus, Bell & Colvill can usually give you the benefit of hard-won advice on what does or doesn't work when optimising these cars for the road and the track.

Bell & Colvill have consistently sold more Lotus cars than any other dealer and have supplied cars to satisfied customers from Twickenham to Tobago! In fact, approximately 35,000 cars have been sold from the Bell & Colvill showrooms since 1970.

Official franchises held detailed below:

  • Lotus 1970-to date - World’s Longest Serving Lotus Main Dealer
  • AC 3000ME sometime in the 70's
  • BMW Motorcycles early 70's
  • Alfa Romeo 1970-1983
  • Jensen 1974-1979
  • Maserati 1976-1979 and also again from 1985-1987
  • Honda 1984-1994
  • Saab 1981-to date
  • Subaru 1995-to date
  • Morgan 2013-to date
  • McLaren 2019-to date - Authorised Repairers


Our Racing History

Bobby Bell and Martin Colvill raced cars collectively for 90 years!

Bobby Bell

Bobby Bell

Bobby Bell 1942-2017

School for me rather got in the way of my passions. First it was model aeroplanes and then pretty soon after it was cars. Whatever it is I’m into, I’m really into, so as soon as I could I got my first car...

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Martin Colvill

Martin Colvill

Martin Colvill 1940-2022

My love affair with Lotus began just after I left school. I was training to be a chartered accountant but accountancy never really interested me, not the way cars did. I passed my accountancy exams ...

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